Monday, July 23, 2007

27 months from now

You will still recognize me 27 months from now, I'm sure, but it's pretty exciting to think how I'm likely to change once my world is turned upside down. Some things will never change, for example I'll always like thinking about dumb stuff (and I promise I'll come up with some real gems with so much free time and so much to think about in Mozambique, I'll have some "deep thoughts" posts now and then) and doing dumb stuff, such as jumping off high places into murky water. Now we're getting to the point of the first post: I love this picture because it frames my sentiments into something visual that we can all look at and be reminded of why this is exciting.
Explaining the photo of Giedra and I with JFK: Giedra was one of two ESL students I had while I was living in Fairfax, VA. Giedra (Lithuania) and Yadira (Colombia) were great students and they came whenever they could, even though the lessons were hit or miss or often foul ball. In Peace Corps, I'll have more time to dedicate to lesson planning, and I'll get more practice at having English teaching as my primary role.


cmurphyum said...

I have to admit if you didn't think about dumb stuff and constantly share it with I don't think I would like you nearly as much. I'm just kidding. Were going to miss you around here but thanks to your efforts there will surley be adaquate water supplies should you ever return.

OrlandoH said...

Happy you found your calling. Since life is a stream of constant change, I am sure there will be at least another one down the road. Also happy that you decided to be so daring. Please learn how to dance to local tunes so you can all teach us when you get back. Perhaps one day, we will use your Portuguese to travel to Brazil and dance to those tunes as well.