Thursday, August 23, 2007

The good things I'm leaving behind

At first it was easy to commit to Peace Corps because it was idealistic. Then it was hard because I was fearful of the great unknown of Africa. Then the emphasis shifted and it became hard to leave because of the frisbee friends I have made and the work and office I have grown to really enjoy and the tropical place that has felt like home to me for the last few months together.

My life has been so happy here...

One picture is of my co-workers, another is my team doing a challenge course initiative (racing with 2/6 eyes available).
UPDATED 9/21/07 - pie-faced at my own going away party...nice, thanks Pompeii!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

In preparation of my trip to Mozambique (actually, that's a lie, I've been planning to go back to Mexico since I left in December just to see my friends and be tan felíz again), I went back to Mexico City for a long weekend last weekend. It was as much fun as I was hoping for. My roomates picked me up at the airport. They saw me first and Lola snuck up on me from behind while I was looking for them and put her hands over my eyes, I knew it was them of course. She went to work and then my other roomate, Angel, well we went to eat a rica hamburguesa and then shortly after we went to the Pulquería (
It was surprisingly packed considering it was about 2pm, with a live band and lots of old people drinking this slimy juicy tasty alcohol (I didn't say it tastes good, just tasty). Anyway, I made friends quickly in particular with Margarita, who is suprisingly limber despite being past her prime and we danced a little to the live music. The next picture is of Angel and I later that night at a karaoke bar--my favorite place to be--I got to sing Mana's "Te Solte La Reinda" with the help of a very pretty girl who was closer to my age. To make a long story short, Angel and I ended up wandering around drunk between 4 and 5 in the morning looking for a hotel but they were all closed, so I bought a hot drink (arroz con leche) and we sat down and waited for the metro to open at 6am. See, Mexico City isn't as dangerous as you thought. Anyway, best I get that sort of thing out of my system now because I don't plan on getting smashed and being that vulnerable in Mozambique.