Thursday, August 9, 2007

In preparation of my trip to Mozambique (actually, that's a lie, I've been planning to go back to Mexico since I left in December just to see my friends and be tan felíz again), I went back to Mexico City for a long weekend last weekend. It was as much fun as I was hoping for. My roomates picked me up at the airport. They saw me first and Lola snuck up on me from behind while I was looking for them and put her hands over my eyes, I knew it was them of course. She went to work and then my other roomate, Angel, well we went to eat a rica hamburguesa and then shortly after we went to the Pulquería (
It was surprisingly packed considering it was about 2pm, with a live band and lots of old people drinking this slimy juicy tasty alcohol (I didn't say it tastes good, just tasty). Anyway, I made friends quickly in particular with Margarita, who is suprisingly limber despite being past her prime and we danced a little to the live music. The next picture is of Angel and I later that night at a karaoke bar--my favorite place to be--I got to sing Mana's "Te Solte La Reinda" with the help of a very pretty girl who was closer to my age. To make a long story short, Angel and I ended up wandering around drunk between 4 and 5 in the morning looking for a hotel but they were all closed, so I bought a hot drink (arroz con leche) and we sat down and waited for the metro to open at 6am. See, Mexico City isn't as dangerous as you thought. Anyway, best I get that sort of thing out of my system now because I don't plan on getting smashed and being that vulnerable in Mozambique.

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Andy said...

Good to hear you are safe and sound. I can't say I envy your living conditions, but you are truly getting to experience the way the people live. Stay safe,