Thursday, November 29, 2007

VISIT in 2009 or World Cup 2010 (here's when I'm free)

If you're planning to visit me in Mozambique, try to make it next year (2009) when I have more freedom from PC obligations. Or lets talk about going to see the World CupThese are the dates when I’m free..
School breaks for:
1 week in April, TBD
2 weeks in June TBD
1 week in September, TBD
1 month Summer recess mid-December to late January (I'm currently planning to come home to NJ during Christmas 2008)


bbulzibar said...

You never said I had to post a comment before! This is not my first visit to the blog. Anyway why can't we visit whenever we want to? You can't hang out after scoop let's out at three pm?

bbulzibar said...

woops I meant "school"

Gerry D said...

So Greg, are you going to be in Mozambique until 2010? I thought your 27 months would be up before that.

Maybe you can come see your Florida family for a few days during your one month summer recess.