Saturday, September 5, 2009

Table of contents

2 travel stories from Lichinga
Driving (updated since March 14)
Done with vacation / Scholarship project progress
A honeymoon trip to Inhassoro
Community level Economic Development in action
Made a great friend in Inhambane City
Food, housing
Frustrating times
Cold Showers
My spiritual enlightenment and lampshading
The capulana
School atmosphere and African trees
Unplanned post
MP3s please
Newest insight about Africa
New photos uploaded
Why I love Mozambique!
My new phone number
White Devil
Ninja-ing lychee
Your Grandpa is growing up here
Africanized horseflies
Administering a test
Driving and hitch-hiking
Language classes with a charlatan
*Moz music 12/26, 1/4/08
Flooded out of my site 1/3/08
Brer Rabbit (o coelho) the African trickster 12/26
1st impressions of my site 12/26
New contact info / cell phones 12/26
Peace Corps cultural adjustment tips 12/26
My convo with Congressman Chris Smith 12/26
*Site Placement! Nov 30 , corrected 1/4/08
The freshman 15, Nov 30
The Chefe 11/30
Host family dynamics 11/30
My new NGO 11/30
The Chichi Bucket 11/30
Slaughtering a young dejected chicken/ Thanksgiving 11/30
*VISIT in 2009 or World Cup 2010, modified 11/30
Photos of my house 11/3
Photo of friends 11/3
Photo on flickr photo11/1
Rhymes with rabies 11/1/07Davidson profs offer advice - 9/23/07
Come visit me - 9/23/07
Highlights from PC welcome materials + MZ history lesson - 9/23/07
How to send mail to me - 9/23/07
Songs that evoke Africa – 9/21/07
*What I love(d) about Florida – 9/21/07, originally posted 8/23/07
My trip to Mexico – 8/9/07
*What people are saying about Africa – 9/20/07, originally posted 7/25/07
To do list while in Africa – 7/25/07
Interpretation of Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead – 7/24/07
Intro - 7/23/07


Pamelamaule said...

Hello Greg Harris,
You should write books! I am enjoying your blogspot. I am Patrick Mohundro's mom and will be visiting Mozambique in November.
I clicked on your link from Pat's blog. As this was a rule, I'm posting a comment as this was the first time on your site.
Maybe we will meet when I visit.
Pam Maule

Zepharia Andres said...

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. See the link below for more info.


Shea Kang said...

Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations. :)