Saturday, November 3, 2007

My home-stay back-yard and bathroom

In the background is the casa de banho, to the right, and the latrine, to the left. As you may notice, the door to the latrine is a black plastic sheet which i lift from the bottom right corner when entering. The door to the bathhouse is a light cloth which sometimes comes unfastened and blows open in the breeze. In the foreground is the pool which is an old cistern that is no longer used, and troublingly it still collects some stagnant water. It is common to sweep the dirt in the yard of all litter, rather than mowing the lawn. lawns are undesireable as that would create habitat for snakes and other crawly things. Theres a mango tree and lychee tree in the yard, and the season is in December!


bbulzibar said...

Crazy photo Greg, I want to visit MZ, when (in the next year or so) would be a good time?

Gerg said...

i want you to visit too but the first year isn't the time to do it! Sorry for the misleading info posted before, it sounds like peace corps has plans for most of my vacations.