Friday, November 30, 2007

My new NGO and "Peel Out" is it's Name-O

Thoreauvian amblers beware if you visit Mozambique! We are all aware of the risk posed by landmines leftover from the civil war, but this problem has been largely resolved through the work of de-mining NGO’s like Halo (Grant Salisbury, Davidson alum, travelled through here with Halo and debreifed me by email on this situation) and many of the mines are no longer functional due to corrosion. Stick to the well established footpaths and you’ll have no problem with mines.
I’m more concerned about a risk that is present on the footpaths and jeep-paths and roads themselves: spent banana peels. This risk becomes epidemic during banana season, though it is a year round threat. It’s as though Bowser from Mario Kart had joined forces with some slapstick cartoon character, the streets are littered with peels and I find it apalling and patently unsafe.
Once I get to site I will work on some grant applications to start my NGO, which will be called “Peel Out”

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