Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rhymes with Rabies

Hey all, so this will be unfortunately a skimpy post but it's what i have time for.
The most recent news is that I got scabies. It went like this: So I had this intense itch and later rash on my hand and later on less conspicuous places. At the time when the rash first became more noticeable and migrating, I also noticed that my little sister was scratching herself vigorously every night. With that in mind I contacted the medical officer and they said it sounded like scabies. The whole family would have to be treated at the same time because if someone else still has scabies it will come right back to me. One catch, though, Peace Corps can only pay for my medication. This will begin to sound more familiar as the years go by. So now I was in the position of telling my family that they had to all go out and spend money for something which they did not consider to be a very big deal. They also considered that hydrocortisone and anti-septic would be enough for some members of the family (that is not the case as far as I’m concerned). This has been a source of conflict in the house, since I am not an easy going person when my health is involved. I finally got the medication and just put it on for the first time today, it burned and my crotch was left smoldering for at least an hour afterward.
The rest of this entry will be in the style of Moby Dick:
"Some people see half a glass of water and say: 'that glass is half empty.'" A PCV looks at that same glass of water and says, "Hey, I could bath in that!" - courtesy of my friend Hans from my language group. Portugues is going very well, btw
I felt pretty awkward squatting naked in the tin roofed, reed walled, cement floored 5x5 foot bathhouse splashing myself with handfulls of water that afternoon when i first got to site with my host family. the doorway is a semi-transparent thin offwhite cloth that would blow open in the breeze. iºve since purchased a plastic mug to use istead of my hands, and iºve figured out how to lock the 'door'.
The routine:
1. have mom or cinderella girl get up hearly to heat water in a large pot.
2. watch as mom or cinderella girl pours hot water into large plastic washbasin then mixes in cold water until its good bathwater
3. add 2 drops of bleach per liter of water and let stand 15 min.s if possible
4. Bring bar of soap in carrying cup, towel, and perhaps a change of clothes to the bathhouse, put clothes on clothesline inside bathhouse.
5. wet and lather naked body. shiver if a cold breeze comes by. perhaps wear a wool hat.
6. pour water onto right shoulder using right hand and wash under arm with left hand. switch. wash rest of body and dry
7. to put dry pants on in a room with a wet floor, bunch bottom of pant legs with the belt loops of the pants so that each pant is creased at the knee. balance on one leg while putting wet foot into leg of trousers at a 45 degree angle
8. change from crocs to flip flops at the door of the house so as not to track in mud.

will include 'slaughtering a dejected young chicken'
elephant man of maputo/ if i were mayor
my new NGO and 'peel out' is itºs nam-o


Eli said...

Sounds fun man. Trust me, you will get used to the bucket bath pretty quickly. Just think of it as refreshing! Sucks about the scabies though. I remember getting poison ivy on my scrotum freshman year, so I have a pretty good idea of what you are going through. Until next time, the dude abides.
Peace, Eli

Nupur said...

The bucket bath - that's how we do it in India too! :)

Jeffrey said...
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Jeffrey said...

yo greg.. bru's in seoul right now and we were just reminiscenting about you.. glad you were able to update the blog.. it's so interesting hearing about your experiences and it really makes you think more about the world, poverty, and how ridiculous it is that we were born in america or any other developed country.. good luck with the scabies.. keep the updates coming