Friday, November 30, 2007

SITE PLACEMENT and local language

Correction, the local language here is Ndau, because Mambone falls under the sphere of influence of Beira to the north. Any towns further south speak chitswa. This means that the self-study language book that peace corps gave me will not be of much use! I'm currently looking for a teacher and hope to study Ndau with the same guy who taught the priest and several others before me.
I received my site placement! I will be in Nove Mambone in the far north of Inhambane province next to the Save river and the beach. The river separates Inhambane province from Sofala province. Relatively isolated though there are other PCVs across the river and down the beach a ways. I’ll be the first PCV at the site. I will live with the school director for the first couple months while they build my house.
I will write more about it when I get there. I’m very excited about this site it sounds like just what I wanted, minus the mountains. As a consolation I’ll be able to continue my fishing habit developed in the Everglades and on the reservoir in NJ. Just need to make sure I stay out of the fresh water because there’s lots of NASTY parasites that live in there.
PC gave me a self study book to help me learn the local language, Chitswa (Shit-swuh). My favorite word is “kanimambo” which means thanks.


Carrie said...

Hi Tappy,
Congrats on getting your placement. Please post a new address when you get a chance. Hope all is well. We miss you on the field!

Eli said...

Congrats on getting your placement man. Make sure they give you a bucket at the new place :-) Let us know if you end up having email access at the new place.

Laura said...

Greg- Sounds like you got a good placement, and it will perhaps be nice that you are the first PCV there, that way you won't have to deal with any expectations/stereotypes leftover from previous folks. I'd been meaning to check your blog for a while, and just read through all your posts...what an adventure! Glad to hear things are going well, despite some challenges.
Nick and I were back at the DO house for the Christmas party on Friday and hung your ornament on the tree. You are missed! Take care and I'll work on a letter to send to your new address once you have it up!