Friday, January 4, 2008

Music that is popular here (Recommended and not recommended)

My favorite song, and the song that I want you to buy on iTunes, is by a South African band named Malaika. I can't find the actual title of the song which drives me absolutely NUTS but I'm guessing it is the song 'Muntuzu (2 Bob)'

Songs that I hear EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME
DJ Ardiles - Foto . This song was WAYYY popular
Nelson Freitas featuring Kaysha – Deeper. This song is a passada that is, a song for a close slow dance, complete with cheesy sexy lyrics in English.
Marlene - Esse Marido e meu 'that husband is mine (hands off!)'
Liza (or Lizha) James - Wo kala nbuya
Akon - "Nobody want to see us together"

Popular Artists:
Lucky Dube, South African Reggae
Jimmy Gulglo
Mabulo Hlamalami, I think the name of the song is ‘outra vez’
Phil Collins

Popular not recommended:
James Blunt (‘you’re beautiful’), Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, mention rock and they will say, ‘yeah, The Scorpions (the 80s band that played, comicly appropriate in this cyclone prone area, ‘Rock you like a Hurricane’),


Laura said...

Hey Greg! Happy New Year! I saw Lucky Dube at Floyd Fest in Virginia five or six years ago...he is great! Hope you enjoyed that goat for New Years and hope the floods subside and you can return to your town soon! Thanks for your fun stories and updates.

.. said...

Hey Greg , this is Edmond ! I just wana say that i like your blog. It`s really great , what you`re doing up there!!
Good Luck and C ya soon !!

Eli said...

Hey man, sorry I have not gotten a chance to respond for a while. Looks like you have more water than we do in the SE-US. Can't wait to talk to you over phone or email at some point in the next couple months. Hope all is well (been a couple months since your last post). I hope you have my email and/or phone number. Please call or email me as I have neither of yours. Talk to you soon man.
Peace, Eli