Friday, January 4, 2008

Music that is popular here (Recommended and not recommended)

My favorite song, and the song that I want you to buy on iTunes, is by a South African band named Malaika. I can't find the actual title of the song which drives me absolutely NUTS but I'm guessing it is the song 'Muntuzu (2 Bob)'

Songs that I hear EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME
DJ Ardiles - Foto . This song was WAYYY popular
Nelson Freitas featuring Kaysha – Deeper. This song is a passada that is, a song for a close slow dance, complete with cheesy sexy lyrics in English.
Marlene - Esse Marido e meu 'that husband is mine (hands off!)'
Liza (or Lizha) James - Wo kala nbuya
Akon - "Nobody want to see us together"

Popular Artists:
Lucky Dube, South African Reggae
Jimmy Gulglo
Mabulo Hlamalami, I think the name of the song is ‘outra vez’
Phil Collins

Popular not recommended:
James Blunt (‘you’re beautiful’), Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, mention rock and they will say, ‘yeah, The Scorpions (the 80s band that played, comicly appropriate in this cyclone prone area, ‘Rock you like a Hurricane’),

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flooded out of my site

Hey all,
The big news is that I was evacuated out of my site on January 2nd due to Peace Corps Security Officer's concerns about floods at my site, Nova Mambone. You might be able to read about it on the news. Heavy rains in Zimbabwe drain in several rivers including the one that i live right nearby, and the road has been flooded in a few places. I'm hoping to write more about this at length tomorrow if i can get back to internet. Basically, though, a lot of the homes on the north side of the main road have been flooded and so people are out of their homes. The road was built in 2000 or 2003 or something, but it was designed very poorly and the experts didn't listen to the local people, including the Catholic priest at the mission near my house (who is very upset at the way things turned out). Basically, the road acts as a dam and keeps the floodwaters from passing through to the south side of the road, so many of the homes AND FARMS on the north side of the road are more prone to flooding as a result. It's plain to see that the road is to blame. At one point where the water was spilling over the road i observed a whirlpool on the one side, and on the other a 2 ft diameter concrete drain pipe spraying like a firehose into the lower lying south side of the road. the pipe was designed to alleviate the floodwaters, but the builders decided to skimp a little on the water management infrastructure and now that those builders have been paid and left its the community that bears the costs of their poorly executed project. I will need to do some more research into how this all came to pass. for photos see my link to the right.