Friday, March 14, 2008

Language classes with a Charlatan

I started taking local language classes with a guy who turned out to be a charlatan. I thought he was the same guy who taught the local priests (several people had recommended I find “that guy who taught the priests” but when I thought I’d found him I was wrong. I did not make much headway during our lessons, and neither did he when he tried to hussle me for a table in his house at which he could plan lessons, or food, etc. He’s a really nice guy, but seems to be too accustomed to depending on the kindness of strangers, which gets annoying, so luckily school starting was a good excuse to discontinue our lessons indefinitely.The priest in the local church gave me an old manual for Portuguese to Ndau study, and the book is really helpful. The Bantu languages are very interesting. I have a will to learn the local language within the year so that I can really reach out into the community during year two.

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Sabrina said...

your last set of posts (3-14) are all amazing. and you're right, straightfacing a class of kids is really hard and in the end not productive--might as well relate to them (i thought at least). i'd love to hear more (i'd be especially interested to hear about the religious stuff (you mentioned churches--are there other religions present too?) and also more about the cultural adjustments/language nuances that you alluded to. i was just in saudi arabia and definitely found the cultural/religion (and some language) stuff really interesting.

anyway, good to see some more stuff here! hope all is well!!