Thursday, April 17, 2008

I just added a bunch of photos

Hey all,

I just uploaded a bunch of photos of my recent (and not so recent--I finally got to some fast internet here in Beira) travels, just follow the flickr photo link to the right if you want to see them. I regret that I did not bring the CD with the best photos taken by my kids at the journalism conference. I also got 2 amazing photos by our trainer, a veteran photo-journalist working out of Chimoio named Sergio Silva, but they are hard copy you'll have to wait till i have them scanned. He was a great guy, full of gripping stories. After all, he worked as a photographer for Save the Children during the war and you can imagine that working in that kind of environment he's seen, and photographed, a lot.
Hopefully I can fill in some gaps for you in some subsequent blog entries...basically the first trimester is over and I'm starting a photo-journalism group with funding from Peace Corps and I'm in the process of hopefully getting some more funding.
Call me sometime!!! You've got my number on this blog. Else write an email, or send me something in the mail, that address is on the website too. later my friends


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