Monday, May 5, 2008

My newest insight about Africa

The thing about Mozambique and probably Africa in general. It's easy and enjoyable to live here, but nearly impossible to get anything done. This has been a big challenge for me recently, as I've got more of a sense of urgency having seen a quarter of my time here gone by already so now i'm trying to get stuff done. All I have to show for so far is some work I did on finding info about scholarships for our students. As it turns out the Provincial Direction of the Ministry of Education is essentially the only place a student can turn to for a scholarship and with interest so high students loans are unfeasible. So there's only one thing to recommend for my best students, grit your teeth and push on the bureaucracy and hope that, in the end, their scholarship package and subsequent payments will get done. There's about 50 scholarhips for the whole province, i think they're awarded yearly.

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