Monday, May 5, 2008

Send me MP3 cd's

You wouldn't believe how bad the American music that makes it over here is. Some dumb Avril Lavigne songs, James Blunt...worst of all is that so many people REFUSE to believe me when I tell them that actually, Linkin Park sucks, you just don't know it because you've got nothing to compare it to. So please send me CDs at my address here,

Greg Harris
C.P. 16

I recently bought an MP3 player and speakers that hook up to it, I promise I'll share your music with others here. later,



Roslyn said...

Any requests or genres?

Gerg said...

Your favorite music. also, some hard rock that is better than linkin park. everyone here insists that linkin park rocks, but i think they rock like poprocks, cheesy and sweet and gone in 50 seconds...sorry folks but thatºs not hard rock


hello, greg, how are you cloe:claudia cuernvaca méxico,