Saturday, June 7, 2008

The capulana, plus What else could I carry on my head?

The capulana is a colorful piece of cloth about a meter long and half a meter wide. Thin. It is used by women for almost anything. Men have pants and shirts tailored out of them. Women, though..nothing they can’t do with a capulana. Babies slung on their back in capulanas, capulana as a skirt, as a shawl, as a towel, as a groundcloth to sit on when forced to sit on the dirty floor. OK I’m sure there’s other stuff but I’m tired been writing a while…I’ve seen many a women walking down the streets with one hoe balanced on her head—you could hardly imagine that’s easier and yet it’s done that way. Kids are trained from an early age to carry things on their head so that they get to the point where they can do it no hands. The most common thing to see is jugs of water, but some of the rest that makes its way onto the head is quite funny. They use a cloth folded into a donut shape on the head to make everything “easier”


Linda said...

Found your page searching for take on a very cool piece of cloth. I was in Mozambique from 98-00; it IS the land of the good people. Peace, Linda (sometime I'll have to surf back and check out the albums...tchau for now)

Nuuti said...

I have been to Mocambique in October 2010 with a Finnish group from Finn Church Aid.
Thanks for your site.
Yours Nuuti